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Frost Sands stocks a range of mulch types to suit a variety of applications. From garden beds to school playgrounds, our high quality mulch assists in weed reduction and moisture retention. Our experienced team in West Gosford can help you choose the perfect mulch then organise fast delivery to your site. 

Our Mulch

Aussie colour mulch 

  • Medium grade, 40mm earthy red colour
  • Uses: pots, planter boxes, garden beds, suppresses weed growth, increases moisture retention in soil 
Frost Sands

Frost Sands

Pine Bark 

  • Available sizes: 15mm, 40mm, 75mm.
  • Pine bark: recycled byproduct from Pinus Radiata Plantation Timber
  • Uses: garden beds, planter boxes, pots, helps decrease weed growth and aids in garden moisture retention

Hardwood chip 

  • Available sizes: 15mm, 40mm brown hardwood chip
  • Uses: large planter boxes or pots, garden beds, pathways, assists in reduction of weed growth and supports moisture retention
  • How to apply: spread to required depth of 100mm and replenish when necessary
Frost Sands

Frost Sands

Leaf mulch 

  • Chipped selected tree loppings containing both heartwood and leaf material
  • Uses: garden beds - particularly where a lot of leaf drop occurs, suppresses weed growth and increases soil moisture retention 
  • How to apply: spread to recommended depth of 100mm surrounding plants. Leaf mulch tends to break down quicker so top ups will be required more frequently

Certified playsafe mulch 

  • Pine fines, light brown in colour.
  • Uses: certified for playgrounds, schools, pre-schools and garden beds
  • How to apply: spread to recommended depth of 100mm to 150mm for best results.
Frost Sands

For more on our mulch call (02) 4324 1744. 
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