Sands and Metals

West Gosford’s trusted sands and metals supplier

With almost 40 years experience providing quality landscaping and sands materials to clients across West Gosford, we’ve become known as the Central Coast’s trusted sands and metals supplier. Offering fast delivery to selected suburbs and areas, your materials can reach your project site faster than ever before. Discover some of our sands and metals below and their applications. 


Our range of metals includes:
  • 1/4 minus
  • Blue metal (sizes, 5/7mm, 10 mm, 20 mm, 30/40 mm, 75/100 mm)
  • Blue metal road base
  • Concrete mix
  • Course ash
  • Railway ballast
  • Recycled concrete road base
  • Recycled concrete (sizes 10 mm, 30/40 mm, 70/50 mm)


Our range of sands includes:
  • Maroota White Sand (used as white bricklayer's sand)
  • Concrete sand (used for concreting & around pipes)
  • Denman river sand (used for paving)
  • Filling Sand (used under concrete slabs)
  • Frazer Park Sand (used as bricklayer's sand)
  • Kiln Dried Sand (used for synthetic grass and sand blasting)
  • Nelson Bay White Sand (used as bricklayers sand)
  • Washed Mortar Sand (used as normal bricklayer's sand)
  • William Town Beach Sand (used as tiler's sand)

For reliable advice on our sands and metals supplies call (02) 4324 1744. 
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